Friday, July 8, 2011

I should be...........

working out why my moon isnt glowing in my photoshop assignment! Sigh!

Instead I'll share some photos I took for last weeks photo assignment. It was all about focus.

Subject at extreme edge of frame

Action Shot

Multiple Reflections

Selective Foucs / Bokeh

I need to shoot my photos this week - all about composition. Weather hasnt been too co operative, neither has my creative thinking! Better get on to that and my moon!

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  1. wow, you look like you are learning heaps Lesley. these photos are amazing. A photography coarse is definately on my to do list, once my youngest starts school.. hmm, thats still 2.5 years away. Hope all is well in your world, and you didnt cop too much of that awful weather in NZ :)