Friday, July 1, 2011

Have to remember....

to not to suggest things. LOL. Amanda has a had a student teacher for most of the year and she is leaving today so I suggested to the teacher I could make her a mini album. This was on Wednesday, got the photos yesterday and it had to be ready for school this morning. Put in the mix, having to bake for the cake stall fundraiser on Wednesday and the shared lunch today, lets just say I have been busy. LOL My assignments havent had a look in yet this week. My task for this evening and the weekend.

Here are some photos I have taken for the first two weeks.

My fav from week 1

And my photos for last week which was about exposure. Had to do one with a fast shutter speed, a slow shutter speed, one with backlighting and one getting the exposure right on a white peice of paper.

Excited today to receive my stamps with my image from the photo which got into the top 30 for Auckland Photo Day. Was a little dissapointed that they had to crop it but very cool non the less.

My favourite photo mag is Practical Photography and the last one had an article about this guy. LOVE his stuff.

I have my last kaisercraft projects to share but I will make that another post.

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