Monday, March 14, 2011

APPLES - a photography challenge

Who would like to join me in a photography challenge?

On Sunday I went to Trina's scraobooking fund raiser for Christchurch. Such a gorgeous event - yummy food, gorgeous tables, fab raffle prizes and an awesome day.
Trina's Blog

Trina asked me if I would do a session on photography as part of it and I did a brief session on photography tips based on the word APPLES. If you have one or more of these elemetns in your photo then you are likely to have a fabulous photo.

Try to avoid subject square on and in the middle of the frame. Try
-   Eye level
-   Above
-   Below
-   Behind
   - Subject or photo on as angle
Don’t say ‘cheese’ or that’s what you will get!
Puffer Fish technique.
Get in close.
Make it personal.
Have fun,
Always be ready.
Consider your background.
Do something different.
Try different angles.
Capture natural reactions.
Patterns are everywhere. Look for them. Used effectively you will create a dynamic photo that attracts the eye to the main subject. Look for
-   Irregular
-   Regular
-   Multiple
-   Breaking the pattern
Can be main subject or element of the photo.
Quantity of light is important but quality of light is what matters most. Soft light is best. Modify light by
-   Diffuse it
-   Move into the shade
-   Reflect it
-   Move it
  - Fill-flash it
Tell a story with your photo. Photos that show and evoke emotions are very powerful.
Use your heart and not just your head to take the photo. Use
-   Light
-   Colour
-   Composition
   - Focus
Simple ideas are stronger!
Simplicity in
-   Technique
-   Equipment
-   Vision
-   Composition
Be bold in your simplicity.

My challenge (to those who attended and anyone else who would like to join in) is to take a photo for each of the words. I would love to see what you come up with so please link your photos in the comments here. For those who work best with deadlines how about Monday 28th March. I'll be posting mine over the week.


  1. hmmm, sounds great :) hows blogging going :)

  2. Will try and get this done! It felt good to hear that a point and shoot camera will be OK, as that is all I can afford at the moment... :)
    Thanks for the awesome tips!//Annelie

  3. I'm really keen to do this! I was gutted that I wasn't able to arrive until 1pm and missed your class, but I LOVE the little tips you gave out (thanks for saving one for me). I'm getting a new camera (Canon EOS 550D) which should arrive next week, so I am hoping to complete this challenge using my new baby!!! If not, will use my old point and shoot, as I still get pretty good photos with that (OLD) thing!


  4. I will do this Lesley - just updated my blog so I now have your blog just a click away - this is def on my to do list!! :)